OFFSHORE INTERNATIONAL (OFCO) - The Pioneer in Integrated Maritime Solutions

We provide specialized offshore services to the Oil & Gas and construction industry including Marine Vessels, Integrated Offshore Logistics, Subsea Services as well as IRM and Emergency Response solutions.

As the world is changing and markets are becoming more and more challenging, we believe that our clients require straight forward, riskless and reliable offshore support to execute their projects. We therefore develop and drive innovative comprehensive solutions that support all of our clients' needs.

We leverage the knowledge and strength of our shareholders: The Abu Dhabi Ports Group with its vast strength in Port Management, Industrial Zone and Logistics, as well as Allianz Marine & Logistics Services, an expert in Marine Assets and Offshore Transportation.

Our Mandate

We exist to create value for our Clients

We are aiming to be the world’s leading Offshore Company. To deliver superior value to our clients and to be acknowledged as a reliable, competent, and competitive contractor who understands the local market and is able to provide tailor-made solutions, best suited to our clients’ needs.

We seek to establish strong partnership with the client we serve, and to continuously earn our client’s trust.



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As our solutions are uniquely tailored for each client, we value the opportunity to meet in person to discuss your precise requirements and/or to tell you more about OFCO. Please contact us and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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